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End of Day Data Corp. (EOD) provides reliable stock market data and free charting software for the technical analyst. METASTOCK and ASCII formats are supported.

EOD's Zero-Maintenance download software automatically adjusts your database for new listings, deletions, splits and symbol changes. Fast downloads are available over your Internet connection. In addition, StockFilter and StockTrend Lite Charting software, is available free to subscribers. We invite you to try our free demo.

How do you find consolidation patterns, stocks making new highs or lows, stocks closing at or near daily highs, or stocks within your price range? Examining thousands of charts to find these characteristics would be time consuming, and become a frustrating experience.

EOD's Stock Filter tool quickly searches your database, identifying stocks meeting your criteria. The results are easily viewed with Stock Trend Lite or Stock Trend version 5.xx.

End of Day Data Corp. has teamed up with StockTrend's critically acclaimed stock market charting software. StockTrend Lite is an excellent charting package for both the novice market analyst or the professional trader.

Best of all, End of Day Data provides its users with the StockTrend Lite charting package completely free of charge!

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