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Download the latest Symbol Lists.

End of Day Data Corp. (EOD) provides reliable stock market data and free charting software for the technical analyst. METASTOCK and ASCII formats are supported.

EOD's Zero-Maintenance download software automatically adjusts your database for new listings, deletions, splits and symbol changes. Fast downloads are available over your Internet connection. In addition, StockFilter and StockTrend Lite Charting software, is available free to subscribers. We invite you to try our free demo.

    EOD's service combines great features such as:
  • Metastock ASCII formats
  • Reliable, accurate equity and index data
  • Extremely fast and efficient downloading of daily updates
  • Internet access for downloads
  • Automatic addition of new listings
  • Automatic removal of delisted stocks
  • Automatic adjustment of files for splits, rollbacks and symbol changes
  • Two-year historical data for stock data and index files
  • Access to all New York, NASDAQ, Toronto, Canadian Venture, Amex, OTCBB common, preferred shares, trust units, rights, warrants and installment receipts
  • Free full-featured, easy to use charting software
  • Free scanning software - powerful and easy to use
  • Free technical support
  • Low price

Now, the technical analyst can spend all of his or her time focusing on opportunities in the market. Gone are the wasted hours waiting for downloads to finish and the work required to maintain stock databases.

If you require end of day stock market data for your web site, media application, financial institution or other corporate activity, please see our Corporate Service

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